About Us

Everybody loves a success story. Let us tell you one of our favorites, the story of a printing company that began in Ken and Betty Stringer’s garage in 1985. That printing company today serves more than 1,600 clients, large and small, from a state-of- the-art plant in West Fort Worth. We call that success, and there are some very good reasons why it happened.

You see, we have a do-it-right-every-day philosophy. Deliver the highest quality product, on time and reasonably priced. Add to that our service-oriented, down-to-earth friendliness and you begin to describe Pressman Printing, Inc.

We’re environmentally friendly, too.

Pressman Printing has pledged to use recycle paper with the highest post consumer waste content when your print specifications call for it. We also use biodegradable and water soluble chemicals, and our scrap paper and cardboard boxes are recycled  and reused.

We have the equipment for the job.

From typesetting to design, from production to the presses, Pressman Printing has the right equipment for the right job. That means you’re assured the highest possible accuracy and the lowest possible price for both the simplest and the most complex job.